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About Denver Freecycle

Who we are, how to join, etc...

Denver Freecycle originally started out as part of the Freecycle.org network.  However, as the Freecycle.org network became increasingly restrictive and advertising supported the decision was made to break away and form our own independant group.  The Denver Area Freecycle group recognizes the dangers of unlimited and uncontrolled consumption and waste.  Rather than throwing perfectly good items into a landfill because we no longer need them, we try to find people who can use them.  We strongly believe in the principles of recycling, creative repurposing, environmental responsibility, and lending a helping hand.  Whether you have stuff you want to find a home for, or are looking for items you need - we welcome you to our group.
To join the group simply go to ------- and click join group.  Or you can send an email to ----- with the email address you want to use.
Please be aware that the Denver Area Freecycle group is a high volume group.  It is not unusual for us to have 20+ emails in a day.  If the volume of email irritates you, you always have the option of changing your email settings to receive your emails in a daily digest, or to not receive any email at all and view the emails through the yahoo groups web interface.
  • All emails sent to the group are moderated to help ensure that the messages sent to the group meet the required format (ie contain the required information such as your cross streets, and do not contain personal information such as phone numbers), and to keep out spam and scammers.  Every now and something may fall through the cracks.  We try very hard to keep this from happening, but if it does - please do not hesitate to email the owners and moderators of the group at --- and they will see that the problem is taken care of.

  • We are a very open minded and accepting group - all we ask is that you be polite to the other members of the group and they will be polite to you.  If you experience any kind of harassment or have other problems with a member, please email --- with an explanation of the situation and forward any applicable emails so we can investigate and take appropriate action.

  • Use common sense when asking for and offering items.  Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and drug paraphernalia are not allowed.  Yes, we know marijuana is now legal in Colorado - however at the moment we are unwilling to open the group to drug related requests of any kind.  If that changes in the future a special notice will be sent to the group.  Also no prescription medications are allowed for obvious reasons.  Over the counter medications, if they are unopened, can be posted if they are unexpired.  Food can be posted as long as it is unexpired.  Food should, preferably, be unopened unless the food is individually packaged.  If you have opened food that you feel could still be given away you can send a posting, but understand that the moderators *very* rarely approve posts like that for safety reasons. 
I have to be in Denver? The areas served
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Not At All!

The Denver Area Freecycle group welcomes members from the entire Denver Metro and surrounding area.  We do ask that you live within a reasonable distance of Denver - it is unlikely that you will find many people willing to pick something up from you, or offer something to you, if you live an hour or more away!  However you do not have to live in the city itself.

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